Looking for the best iptv 4K provider in USA, Canada & UK? We have the best for you! With our ip TV package you enjoy unlimited viewing of thousands of national and international channels!

Have you always wanted to enjoy an iptv sports package, with countless sports channels from all over the world? Including all Dutch sports channels? Then we have exactly what you are looking for! Top Dog IPTV offers one complete package, so this includes all packages, such as the iptv sports package, we will describe below what is included.

What can you expect from Top Dog IPTV server?

  • All Major US, TV channels and video on demand. We strive to always have the best offer in terms of image and sound quality. We update our range of rags almost daily and the channel range regularly.
  • Enjoy watching: Due to the stable connection of our package, we ensure that you can always enjoy our television offer without any worries. We always guarantee the best service with our stable servers!
  • Wide range of TV channels: Because of our enormous range of no fewer than 50 countries, you will not be short of any offer at all! From Sports channels / movies / series to adult channels!
  • HD – 4K image quality: We bring you the offer in perfect quality! You will therefore not be short of anything in terms of stability and quality.
  • 99.99% uptime: Because of our high uptime you always have television! We therefore do not guarantee any buffering / freeze of the image.
  • No contract: We do not work with contracts, so you are not committed to anything. You buy a year and after a year the subscription stops working, and you can just take a new package.

Top Dog IPTV : Stable IPTV for all your devices:

Our subscription is suitable for smart TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, Android box, MAG, Formuler, Linux box, Dreambox, VU Solo, Apple TV, Raspberry pi etc.

The best movie channels and rag movies of the moment:

Do you feel like watching a nice movie on the couch then we have the full range of movie 1 channels for you and 1000+ vod movies and series. This offer is updated weekly.

Because stability and quality are our top priorities.

Our streams are in Full-HD with a high bitrate, very sharp image, we ensure that all channels arrive flawlessly in your living room and we also have a backup channel for most channels.

Mag / Formuler / Maxitec / BlomC and other Stalker Portal Boxes

If you have a box or client that works with a stalker portal such as the MAG and you have entered the mac address when ordering, we will activate it. Then it is further set up 1x and you have access to all our channels with EPG and all vod films and series.

Top Dog IPTV Works on all devices without problem.

With Top Dog IPTV m3u playlists you can watch playlist on almost all devices, whether it is on your SmartTV, your iPhone or iPad, Android Box, or on your PC / Laptop. Watch where and when you want! For smart TVs from Samsung and LG, there is also a smart TV app for this we need the MAC address to activate. The same goes for other stalker portal based clients. Please indicate which device you will use when ordering.


Why pay more than $ 10 a month for movie streaming services only when you can have a Video-on-Demand library of the latest releases, classics and everything in between from just $ 7 a month?

With Top Dog IPTV service’s premium movie library, you can instantly search and watch an incredible collection of movies on any device! All movies are listed by title, genre, release date and more, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.


Whether you want to watch international football matches, the biggest fights, the Superbowl or cricket, we have it all! With our IPTV sports package you can choose from hundreds of live sports events at any time, without expensive sports packages. With everything from NFL football to Champions League to Formula 1, our IPTV service is something no real sports fan can live without!


With most premium cable packages costing over $ 50 a month, Top Dog IPTV plans can save you at least $ 600 a year, while providing you with more channels, movies and on-demand services!

We have developed several packages to meet the needs of all our customers, with the most affordable package starting at just $ 6 per month for unlimited access to everything we offer.


Our customers call Top Dog IPTV the best IPTV service because we are 100% committed to customer service. From the moment you subscribe to Top Dog, you will enjoy tutorials ranging from installation to streaming, available in all countries and for all devices.

Our IPTV server automatically provides updates with new channels and improved viewing options, meaning you can just sit back and enjoy your shows!

Watch IPTV on your Smart TV without using android Box:

This depends, our iptv package is suitable for any device. So you can also receive iptv on your Smart TV, if your television supports this. Please contact us for this and we will test with you whether your television is suitable.

Your computer, on the other hand, does not need anything to watch IPTV. After you sign up for a service, you can use it to stream whatever you want in any of the IPTV formats.

IP TV on the smart TV works through an m3u url line. You will receive this from us, and you can upload it in your smart television app, or use it on your mobile phone.


We always guarantee you the best ip TV channels! You won’t miss a match with our full channel package.


We supply the iptv for android tv via an m3u line. This m3u line is compatible with all android devices. The m3u is a generally known line that is also used for via iptv via the smart tv, or iptv on the smartphone.

It is simply just the subscription, but different from an iptv box subscription. A TV box works by means of an STB Protocol, which is connected to the server in a different way. So more of a closed device.

An m3u line is much more extensive, so you can do much more, and you can use it on all devices, for example.